WBCC History

Brief History of the Weather Bureau Credit, Savings and Development Cooperative

When the Philippine Weather Bureau was undergoing rehabilitation due to the devastation wrought by the World War II, a core of enterprising weathermen formed and founded the Weather Bureau Employees Association (WBEA). The main objectives of the Association were, a) to promote brotherhood and unity among its members; and b) to solicit from each member any form of assistance they can extend or give whenever one of their fellow members meets his untimely death.

The same core of men that founded the WBEA, namely, Casimiro del Rosario, Ricardo C. Cruz, Joaquin Gallego, Ruben de Castro, Angel Litonjua, Gelacio Tolentino, Felipe Arenas, Bonifacio dela Cruz, Jose A. Parilla, Segundo C. Alejo, Eliseo V. Bautista, Jose M. Reyes, Pedro Gallardo, Enrique Tayag and Agustin B. Lazo, organized a cooperative which was independent and separate from the WBEA. These men, acting as the cooperative’s incorporators, ratified on March 13, 1953 the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws of what they named as Weather Bureau Credit Union, Incorporated (WBCUI). Following the ratification of the Union’s Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, Ruben de Castro, Joaquin Gallego, Angel Litonjua, Ricardo C. Cruz and Manuel C. Salvador were elected as the incorporating Directors.

On April 15, 1953, the Weather Bureau Credit Union, Inc. filed an application for registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission to be duly accredited as a cooperative with juridical personality. The Securities and Exchange Commission approved on May 21, 1953 the registration of the Union with the Commission as a non-stock cooperative association under the provisions of Commonwealth Act No. 565, as amended. While the Union did not have capital stock, the incorporators still certified, among others, that the “Credit Union is formed primarily to serve the needs of its members…” by undertaking various activities. The funds that were used for operations came from the membership fees collected at P1.00 per member and from the pooled mandatory fixed deposits of not less than P50.00 per member paid in cash or in installments.

A few years later, the WBCUI ceased to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission when all cooperatives had to register with the new agency for cooperatives – the Cooperatives Administration Office (CAO) – in accordance with Republic Act No. 2023. The name of the Weather Bureau Credit Union, Inc. was changed into Weather Bureau Cooperative Credit Union, Incorporated (WBCCUI).

In 1973, a year after the declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines, President Ferdinand E. Marcos issued Presidential Decree No. 175, which was aimed to strengthen the cooperative movement in the country and that all the existing cooperatives should re-register. Pursuant to the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 175, the WBCCUI was yet again re-registered with the Bureau of Cooperatives Development (BCOD) and became known as the Weather Bureau Kilusang Bayan for Credit, Incorporated (WBKBCI).

By virtue of the passage in 1990 of Republic Act No. 6938, otherwise known as the Cooperative Code of the Philippines, the WBKBCI was again re-registered under a new name – the Weather Bureau Credit Cooperative (WBCC) – this time with the Cooperative Development Authority which was created by virtue of Republic Act 6939.

The Weather Bureau Credit Cooperative needs to grow with the needs of the community it serves. For the past few years there has been an advocacy focused on expanding the services of the Cooperative by converting it into a multi-purpose enterprise. The stage for a referendum was almost ready when Republic Act No. 9520, otherwise known as the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008 was signed into law by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on February 17, 2009. The law became effective on March 2, 2009. The new Code opened opportunities for strengthening cooperatives in the country that the WBCC has to consider in revising its Articles of Cooperation and By-laws. In anticipation of its becoming a multi-purpose cooperative, this Manual of Operations had been crafted to be compatible with a new Weather Bureau Credit, Savings and Development Cooperative (WBCSDC).

Cooperative movement in the country has been dynamic in the sense that there is a continuing effort to raise the level of the capability of cooperatives and improve their services for the well-being of their communities. It is in this aspect that at every turn that a re-registration was necessary, the cooperative of PAGASA employees – bona fide and retired – took the opportunities of raising its standards of governance and increasing its services to be relevant to the needs of its members and the community linked with its affairs. The Weather Bureau Credit Cooperative maintains the spirit expressed by its founding fathers who declared: the “Credit Union is formed primarily to serve the needs of its members…”.

The Organization

WBCC's Board of Directors, Committees, and Staff

Board of Directors

Dir. Carina Lao
Dir. Sharon Juliet Arruejo

Ramon Agustin
Araceli Arroyo
Claro S. Doctor

Edna Juanillo
Damiano Sobejana Jr.

Ma. Annalyn S. Nolasco
Angelina S. Galang

Audit Committee

Liceria A. Dela Cruz
Sally S. Pakingan
Encarnacion Borjal

Credit Committee

Cesar Ramos
Teodoro E. Santos
Aileen Apit

ETC Committee

Sharon Juliet Arruejo
Vivien Esquivel
Noel Ramos
Niño Relos

Full-time Employees

Elenita SP. Ingalla
General Manager
Necy M. Ramilo
Jocelyn M. Reyes
Loan Officer
Reynan G. Rogelio
Administrative Assistant

Service Volunteers (Part-time)

Victoria R. Bacani
Collection Clerk
Imelda N. Tuazon
Cashier II
Nida A. Pilapil
Bookkeeper Aide
Teresa A. Millanes
Web Administrator

Organizational Chart